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The Adventures of Miss Luna bio picture

About Kaya and Luna

To be revised - Kaya is no longer with us.

Welcome to our photo blog! I'm Kaya, a two year old fawn Great Dane who lives in Australia. I have a sidekick (ok, sister) called Luna. Luna is a Great Dane too, coloured blue (the trendy name for grey) and one year old (nearly one and a half, she reminds me) and used to try and be a show dog. Now she does agility instead!

My special talent is modelling. I get lots of practice because our Mum is a dog photographer, so whenever she doesn't have other dogs to take photos of, she practices on us. I'm very talented at modelling and Luna is well, not quite so talented. She does try though.

We get to do lots of different things with our Mum and Dad - going to the beach is a definite favourite. We love sharing our many adventures with the world through our blog. Oh and we also love receiving comments - hope to hear from you soon!

Named for Kaya (by Mum)

Kathy from Gilbert, Arizona is a long time blog reader of the Adventures of Kaya and Luna. She volunteers her time at a rescue organisation called the Arizona Friends for Life Animal Sanctuary, taking in stray cats and dogs, fixing them up and finding wonderful new forever homes for them.

When Kaya left us, Kathy contacted me and told me of her plan to find a dog, alike in personality to my Kaya, and name her “Kaya”. This is what I received from her last week:

Please allow me to introduce you to Kaya, an Aussie/shepherd mix (we think!) and probably about a year old.  She is very sweet.  She has a goofy personality.  She is a bit shy at times (not like her namesake I am sure!) but tends to work it for the camera.  I am sure that sounds familiar to you.  These pictures were taken just two days after she was taken in off the streets.  She was tentative with me at first but once she was comfortable she was playful and affectionate.  Her only problem that I can see is that she does not know what a leash is, and is not at all comfortable on one, so I have made a commitment to her that I’m going to stop by the shelter every day after work (armed with hotdogs) and work with her.  She will be adopted in no time I am sure, but I want to have her “leash-ready” when she goes.  I can’t wait to get to the shelter to play with her!    Most of the time people adopt our dogs and change their names, so I will be sure to tell every prospective adopter about the story of her name, and will even share your website with them, in the hopes that they will keep her name.

Then a couple of days later:

I stopped by last night to play with her and she is very cuddly!  She is not used to walking through doors, poor thing (and so un-Kaya like!) but once I got her outside and down to the park she was a big goofball!  She’s only about 35 pounds, but it is 35 pounds of unconditional love.  I am so excited that someone will get to adopt this wonderful creature.  I’ll try to get a few more good pictures of her also.  She hasn’t been spayed yet, and won’t be on the website for a few more days, but if anyone wants to check on her she is at, Friends for Life Animal Sanctuary and Rescue.  I love her already, and have already told our shelter manager that under no circumstances should I be allowed to foster her because I know she will never leave my home!  I may break my rule and foster her anyway, and cry my heart out when she is adopted.

So without further ado, here she is!


I’m hoping Kathy will keep us up to date on how Kaya’s adoption is going. She certainly has that modelling instinct just like the original and what a beautiful girl.


Honey the Great Dane - Oh, how lovely to have Kaya's legacy on the other side of the world! Slobbers, Honey the Great Dane

Four Musketeers - Aww~ She is lovely !

Ahliah - Uhhhh, wut iz dat smell??? ... Iz dat teh smell ov fostr failure??

Karen - How wondeful! I wish I lived a little closer I would go visit her. I hope that a wonderful family gets her and that she is treated to the kind of life her namesake had. We miss you Kaya!

Honey the Great Dane - Hey - I have tagged you to play a game - please come over to my blog to find out what you have to do. Slobbers, Honey the Great Dane

Jenny - What a beautiful girl to be a namesake for sweet Kaya! I am sure her new home (when its found) will just love her to pieces.

Claire - what a great story! this second kaya is beautiful in her own way, too. and what a totally cool way for kaya's story to live on. update us when she finds a home!

Kathy - Hi, this is Kathy! I didn't get a chance to see our Kaya tonight but I saw her the last few nights. She is ssssooooooo adorable! Very cuddly, and very playful. She got spayed on Monday, so she will be available for adoption starting tomorrow (Saturday). I am working the first shift (about a 4 hour shift) and I have already printed out your page and put it with our medical records so that if she gets adopted when I am not there I will make sure they know about her namesake. Hopefully I will be there (and even find the perfect family for her!) and can tell them all about your wonderful Kaya, and how reading about her antics brightened my day halfway around the world. I will be sure to keep you updated! PS - my mom and dad are visiting and leave in 3 days - if Kaya isn't adopted guess who I will be fostering!

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