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The Adventures of Miss Luna bio picture

About Kaya and Luna

To be revised - Kaya is no longer with us.

Welcome to our photo blog! I'm Kaya, a two year old fawn Great Dane who lives in Australia. I have a sidekick (ok, sister) called Luna. Luna is a Great Dane too, coloured blue (the trendy name for grey) and one year old (nearly one and a half, she reminds me) and used to try and be a show dog. Now she does agility instead!

My special talent is modelling. I get lots of practice because our Mum is a dog photographer, so whenever she doesn't have other dogs to take photos of, she practices on us. I'm very talented at modelling and Luna is well, not quite so talented. She does try though.

We get to do lots of different things with our Mum and Dad - going to the beach is a definite favourite. We love sharing our many adventures with the world through our blog. Oh and we also love receiving comments - hope to hear from you soon!

Visiting Willow

Wow, it’s been aaages since we last posted! I had to bribe Mum into posting by promising never to pull this face again. It obviously worked.

So if you’ve been keeping up to date on my Facebook page and in previous blog posts, you’ll know I have a friend called Willow, who is a blue Great Dane girl, just like me! We hang out most weekends and this time, it was our turn to visit Willow’s place.

Willow’s mum, Lorelle, does stuff with horses, so she always has a few around the place. This time my mum rode one of them.

Xena is sort of bluey coloured like me and Willow, and is also kinda young, so I had to chaperone Mum around while she was riding. Just keeping an eye on Xena to make sure she was taking care of her! I didn’t really trust the fact they both had their eyes closed here, surely that’s a bit dangerous!

Apparently I was getting in the way a bit and it was better if I left them alone. I didn’t really like that idea so I made sure I hung back a bit, but still observed closely and was ready to spring into action if I was needed.

When they’d finished riding (with no incidents, thanks to my careful observation), it was time to go feed the other horses. On the way down to the feed shed, Willow heard a funny noise so she made sure she scared off whatever it was! She has an even bigger bark than I do!

Off we went down to the feed shed…

Before we fed the horses, we decided to try and get some photos of another of Lorelle’s horses called Hugo. Hugo was leaving the next day to his new home after being with Lorelle for over a year! He wasn’t particularly keen on posing nicely though as it was dinner time. I agree! Posing is bad enough at the best of times, much less when you’re hungry.

Willow seems to have no problems throwing poses left right and centre. Apparently, she’s more photogenic than me. I really don’t mind her having that title, just as long as I get to do fun stuff like my new hobby  – PHOTO BOMBING!

Lorelle has a very cheeky horse called Sahara (who has also just found her new home!) who likes to personally investigate the feed bins. I guess someone’s gotta do the quality control. I can relate to that.

While the other horses were being fed, we stayed out of the way and just watched.

Willow was watching especially intently. I think that’s her normal look though.

Speaking of looking normal… (and they say I’m not photogenic??)

At least I don’t fall asleep on the job like some.

Finally it was time to head back to the house for a hard earned rest.

Willow followed me down the driveway. She follows me pretty much everywhere come to think of it!

And we headed off to the house together…


Cheryl - Love it! Your two little bums walking into the sunset!

brooke & Darwin - So cute! Great to see a new blog! Glad you convinced your mom with that face! hehehe Willow is such a cutie! And she has a white stripe like Darwin!

Maddison - Love it!! gorgeous photos :)

Michelle - I love your site! This is my first visit here and I'm so glad I found you! Your photographs are gorgeous and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Lorelle - Heey Char, Willow and I both love this blog :) so lovely xoxox

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