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The Adventures of Miss Luna bio picture

About Kaya and Luna

To be revised - Kaya is no longer with us.

Welcome to our photo blog! I'm Kaya, a two year old fawn Great Dane who lives in Australia. I have a sidekick (ok, sister) called Luna. Luna is a Great Dane too, coloured blue (the trendy name for grey) and one year old (nearly one and a half, she reminds me) and used to try and be a show dog. Now she does agility instead!

My special talent is modelling. I get lots of practice because our Mum is a dog photographer, so whenever she doesn't have other dogs to take photos of, she practices on us. I'm very talented at modelling and Luna is well, not quite so talented. She does try though.

We get to do lots of different things with our Mum and Dad - going to the beach is a definite favourite. We love sharing our many adventures with the world through our blog. Oh and we also love receiving comments - hope to hear from you soon!

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Visiting Willow

Wow, it’s been aaages since we last posted! I had to bribe Mum into posting by promising never to pull this face again. It obviously worked.

So if you’ve been keeping up to date on my Facebook page and in previous blog posts, you’ll know I have a friend called Willow, who is a blue Great Dane girl, just like me! We hang out most weekends and this time, it was our turn to visit Willow’s place.

Willow’s mum, Lorelle, does stuff with horses, so she always has a few around the place. This time my mum rode one of them.

Xena is sort of bluey coloured like me and Willow, and is also kinda young, so I had to chaperone Mum around while she was riding. Just keeping an eye on Xena to make sure she was taking care of her! I didn’t really trust the fact they both had their eyes closed here, surely that’s a bit dangerous!

Apparently I was getting in the way a bit and it was better if I left them alone. I didn’t really like that idea so I made sure I hung back a bit, but still observed closely and was ready to spring into action if I was needed.

When they’d finished riding (with no incidents, thanks to my careful observation), it was time to go feed the other horses. On the way down to the feed shed, Willow heard a funny noise so she made sure she scared off whatever it was! She has an even bigger bark than I do!

Off we went down to the feed shed…

Before we fed the horses, we decided to try and get some photos of another of Lorelle’s horses called Hugo. Hugo was leaving the next day to his new home after being with Lorelle for over a year! He wasn’t particularly keen on posing nicely though as it was dinner time. I agree! Posing is bad enough at the best of times, much less when you’re hungry.

Willow seems to have no problems throwing poses left right and centre. Apparently, she’s more photogenic than me. I really don’t mind her having that title, just as long as I get to do fun stuff like my new hobby  – PHOTO BOMBING!

Lorelle has a very cheeky horse called Sahara (who has also just found her new home!) who likes to personally investigate the feed bins. I guess someone’s gotta do the quality control. I can relate to that.

While the other horses were being fed, we stayed out of the way and just watched.

Willow was watching especially intently. I think that’s her normal look though.

Speaking of looking normal… (and they say I’m not photogenic??)

At least I don’t fall asleep on the job like some.

Finally it was time to head back to the house for a hard earned rest.

Willow followed me down the driveway. She follows me pretty much everywhere come to think of it!

And we headed off to the house together…


Cheryl - Love it! Your two little bums walking into the sunset!

brooke & Darwin - So cute! Great to see a new blog! Glad you convinced your mom with that face! hehehe Willow is such a cutie! And she has a white stripe like Darwin!

Maddison - Love it!! gorgeous photos :)

Michelle - I love your site! This is my first visit here and I'm so glad I found you! Your photographs are gorgeous and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Lorelle - Heey Char, Willow and I both love this blog :) so lovely xoxox

Fun Times at the Beach

It’s been a while since our last blog post, but at least now I have my own Facebook Page, I still get to post photos and updates about what I’ve been doing! If you haven’t already ‘liked’ me, you better  get on over there and do it now so you don’t miss anything!

Just because it’s winter in Australia right now, doesn’t mean it’s not beach weather. The water is a bit cold for human swimming but it doesn’t bother us doggies, guess we have a bit more natural protection. Today the beach wasn’t really about swimming anyway, it was about running!

We had a nice big pack today, I was there with my mates Archie and Maple, Dad and his friend, and Maple’s mum and dad. I had lots of people and doggies to keep track of, but I think I managed pretty well and got some awesome running and playing in too!

Mum’s gonna be looking after Archie for a while longer while her new man is away working, so he’s become a bit of a permanent fixture around these parts lately. First up he was a bit scared of me, but now he’s super confident around me and likes to chase me and bark at me a lot while I am running.

I don’t mind though, I think it’s fun!

It makes me do silly things and then my legs go in every direction and I can’t decide which way I want to run next.

The humans are pretty handy to have around because they throw sticks for us out into the surf. Mum even got a break from the camera for a while and came into the surf a little way with us. Not too far though as the water is kinda cold right now.

Then I had to go back and check on everyone else of course.

Maple’s dad threw sticks for us heaps, he’s a good guy to have around!

Archie used to be a bit scared of the beach as he never used to go there much, but now he loves it just as much as I do. He races around just like me.

He’s even got this cool running trick where all four legs come off the ground at once, so it looks like he’s flying!

Not sure if I fly, but my tongue and ears sure do.

I like to make sure my tongue gets equal time hanging out both sides of my mouth. Don’t want to make it uneven.

When I’ve had enough running for a while, I like to go and stand up on the rocks. I’m pretty tall as it is, but standing up there makes me even taller and I can see everything that’s happening on the beach.

Ooh, better get down and head over to the water again, looks like Maple’s mum is throwing sticks for us!

I make sure I keep my eye on the prize.

Ok, we’re all ready!

And, GO!

I got it!

Woohoo, time to celebrate with more running!

Maple comes to visit us every now and then, you might remember she visited when we were just puppies (we’re only a month apart in age). Here’s the video flashback!

She’s all grown up now and has lots of hair, so she looks pretty scruffy when she gets wet! But she loves the beach too and especially loves chasing sticks. So much so that if she doesn’t get the stick thrown for her, sometimes she has a little sulk. I can definitely relate to that!

Lucky Mum was on hand to throw sticks for us again.

I think Mum and Maple’s mum decided we were getting tired though.

When I get tired, often I like to dig a hole.

Then I like to lie in it.

Since we were all nice and worn out, Mum decided to try and get a group photo of us. She’s been teaching Archie to ‘stay’ and he’s getting better at it (me and Maple have no problems with that kind of thing, cos we’re awesome!), but I think he thinks that stay can include staying down but crawling forwards on his belly, oops!

We all had a great time at the beach. It was kind of a bit of a celebration for Mum as she’s just gotten 500 ‘fans’ on her Facebook Page for her doggy photography business! Yay for Mum! She was going to take boring posey photos of me in a party collar, but decided to take pics at the beach instead, way more fun.

Till next time, love and licks! xoxo


Ruth - Looks like fun. I daren't show my lot, they'd be very jealous!!

Pamela - I'm sure dogs have much more fun at the beach than people, especially you and yours friends Luna

Cheryl - Luna you are beautiful and amazing as always. I am so glad your mummy has someone new in her life!

Geneve Rege - So precious, love them all.. they make me laugh!

Shirley - You guys look like you had a great fun time at the beach

Off to the Beach with Archie

Just a quick post of some pics from a recent visit to the doggy beach with my little mate Archie. Mum only has a little car, but I jam myself between the front seats so I can be up front with her and keep an eye on her driving. Sometimes she needs some hints and tips, but of course she thinks she knows better. Pft.

We have to walk along a path to get to the beach but it opens out at the end, near this big ‘jetty’ thing. This is where I like to go a bit nuts and run around heaps, cos it’s just so exciting! I mostly like running up ahead, then running back at Mum full tilt and swerving at the last moment. I think she’s wise to my ways now, but I’m sure people watching must think I’m gonna run into her!

Sometimes under the jetty, there will be heaps of water coming out of a big pipe. I’m not sure what the point of this is, but it’s pretty fun to play in! I love water.

We like going up into the dunes. There is a good view from there, I can see the whole beach. Plus it provides good opportunities for posing for pics for Mum, which I’m sure is the point for her.

This time Archie decided to get in on the action and try and steal my thunder! That’s ok, you have to make allowances for dogs with only one eye. Lucky he’s got a built in pirate eye patch!

Later on we met an awesome Greyhound that I had a fantastic time chasing. They are super fast!! I really tried, but wow can they run, he got away from me every time (and I have a sneaking suspicion he wasn’t trying too hard either). Mum did get some video but she can’t find it anywhere, how slack. I’ll make sure she gets some more when we meet him next time though.

If you haven’t already, make sure you join my Facebook page! We post lots of photos, video and status updates (cos of course everyone wants to know what I’m up to) really regularly, like every day! Don’t miss out –


Cheryl - Luna, it looks like you live in paradise! You are one sweet Dane!

Izzy and Me

Well, I’ve been heavily berating Mum for her lack of postings lately and I’m happy to say, it’s finally paid off! You’ve already met Izzy from the sneak peek post a while back… she’s very little… (well compared to me anyway)


Izzy came to visit me for a whole weekend! She’s a 9 week old Great Dane x Ridgeback x Mastiff (mostly Great Dane though) and her colour is called brindle, isn’t it pretty? Izzy likes to chew on sticks, I guess that’s the Great Dane in her coming out.


Unfortunately, she also likes chewing on me.


I put up with it, she’s just a little puppy…


She does have very sharp little teeth though!


I make sure I don’t bite her with my teeth, so I end up looking a bit gummy.


Izzy seemed to have a bit of a fascination with my belly. I think I might have reminded her of her mummy?

2009-08-15-0577 2009-08-15-0578

Mum thought Izzy was very pretty, and talked her into doing some modelling. She didn’t do a bad job, for a newbie!


2009-08-15-0589 2009-08-15-0603


Okay, so Izzy is just a little bit too cute and a little bit too good at the whole modelling thing. I had to think fast! I didn’t want her taking over my job, so I thought I better regain my superiority. What better way than proving my dominance with the stick! I lulled her into a false sense of security…

2009-08-15-0610 2009-08-15-0612

Drew her in, let her think she had a chance, then boom! I was off! No catching me!

2009-08-15-0615 2009-08-15-0616

It was kinda nice having Izzy to visit, someone to play with is always good! Maybe one day I will get another sister or maybe even a brother, but for now, it’s pretty cool being the centre of attention all the time!

Love and licks, Luna xo


Ahliah - She's real purdy...

LilaBean - Some day you'll be a great "big sister". Just like you were a great "little sister". Looks like you and Izzy had lots of fun!

Ruth - Gorgeous! The paws pic is adorable :)

brooke & darwin - izzy is such a cutie! and youre a beautiful girl yourself!

Catherine - Owww, so tiny

Boxen and Bella - Wow what a cute friend to play with. It is good to see you talked your mom into posting again. We miss seeing you.

Ana - Izzy is really adorable . She loves Luna !

Lindsay - Izzy is absolutely adorable!! Love the pics!

Allison (Dog Mom) - She IS a super-cutie! You've got to be careful of those baby teeth, though! Looks like you were being a good babysitter. Wuv, Gus and Waldo

Stephanie - Charlotte, these are fantastic. Izzy is awesome!